Monday, 23 September 2019

The Mediterranean Caper by Clive Cussler - Book Report #283

I've recently re-discovered Clive Cussler and it has been a joy to lose myself in a self-confident adventure.

Having read a couple more modern entries in the Dirk Pitt series I decided to go back to the first published book.

It felt nearly fully-formed even back then.  The only thing lacking was the historical opening although it was history that pushed the plot.

Cussler had a confident voice from the very start but, be warned, the book is a product of its time.  This particular volume was the 40th-anniversary edition so I am not sure if the text has been tweaked and edited for today's reader.  However, Pitt was a bit of an ass at times and fell into some clichéd behaviour with the central woman of the story.

Other than that, the book held up rather well.  Actually, I was glad some of those old sexist tropes were kept in this edition, it serves to show how the character has grown and adjusted with the times.

Be ready for a James Bond type of story but with the added fun of scuba gear.

When you're looking for something easy and entertaining you can't go wrong with a Dirk Pitt adventure.

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