Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Mikeys by Robert J Sawer

Sawyer wrote, in the introduction to this story, that he wrote it in 1978.  What surprised me is how using Deimos as a space station, orbiting observatory or base for missions to Mars were being considered way back then.

It is still considered a good idea today when missions to Mars are considered.  I had no idea the concept was so old.  Cool.

This story revolves around the first landing attempt on Mars but, much like Apollo, the mission will require men in orbit to support the team that will walk on the surface of the planet.  The B team if you will.

In order for the mission to succeed a base needs to be established on the little moon before the landing team arrives at Mars.  While setting up they go exploring and discover something wonderful.

This reminded me of the old stuff that Robert Heinlein wrote.

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