Monday, 5 May 2014

Book Report #89 - The First Quarry by Max Allan Collins

Book 13 of 52
Page count - 204

Another paperback from Hard Case Crime.

This story was set in December 1970 when Quarry was in his 20's.

Compared to the previous novel this one was a bit more graphic; more sex and more killing.  The dark humor and unique narration style were still there making this book another fantastic read.

This is Quarry's origin story, how he got his start in the killing business.  What seemed like a simple enough job; kill a college professor and burn his manuscript, turned into a comedy of unexpected people walking into the scene and messing up Quarry's plans.

Through all of this Quarry still wants to do right by the people who've wandered into his life.

I loved this story.  I was flipping pages with a smile on my face wondering how he was going to untangle himself from all the complications.

Highly recommended.

Collins' website is HERE.

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