Saturday, 8 February 2014

Challenge Accepted!

A few days ago I ran across this wonderful little essay about the joys of reading.

Julien Smith wrote How to Read a Book a Week on Medium.

The writer wrote about how he challenged himself to do it and has accomplished it for FIVE YEARS!  I found it inspiring enough to challenge myself to the same thing.

I'm not a fast reader so I'm going to cheat just a little bit, in the hopes that I can build in some slack time to read longer books, I will be reading books that are short, preferable between 200 and 300 pages.  I've got a boat load of books on the shelf that qualify so there will be no shortage of material.

Look for my first cheater book review on Monday.  This will be the entry for the first week of February.  I hope to start a new book every Saturday.

This should be fun.

How to Read a Book a Week
Julien Smith

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