Friday, 2 August 2013

Greektown by By Loren D. Estleman from AMOS WALKER, The Complete Story Collection

This is my fist stab at the Amos Walker cannon.  I thought a collection of short stories would make for an easy introduction to a new series, at least, new for me.  Eastleman has been writing this series since the 1980's.

Amos Walker is like a lot of PIs in fiction; he's a loner and has pals in the police department and at the city newspapers.  Unlike most PIs his character is based in Detroit, the only other author I know of who uses Detroit is Elmore Leonard - good company.

This first story revolves around a serial killer; Walker's client thinks it's his own half brother and wants him to find his brother before the police do.

Walker then has to walk a fine line around the police, never letting on that he's in fact on the case representing the suspect.

The police get their man and Walker discovers the reasons behind it all.

First published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, August 1983.
August 1983

Loren D. Estleman

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