Monday, April 6, 2015

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Missing by Una McCormack - Book Review #131

For 2015 I've decided to keep up with the Star Trek novels as they are published.  All but The Original Series; although I grew up with Kirk and the gang, I consider The Next Generation "my" Star Trek.  That means everything that is set in Picard's time period I will read.

The Missing takes place at exactly the same time as the previous release - Takedown.

I really enjoyed the Deep Space Nine series because it was such a rich setting for stories.  All the activity around the station makes for a wonderful mess of possible plot lines to follow.

In what felt like a slice-of-life story we find a scientific expedition preparing to embark on a deep space mission, a wandering  band of space-Gypsies, protesters demanding the release of prisoners of war, one refugee, one spy and a new alien race.


Through it all McCormack manages to mix these plots together into one novel.  She was able to capture the feel of what life on the station can be like.  It felt familiar, overwhelming and comfortable.  Through all the interactions and conflicts there was an inevitable feeling that everything will work out, somehow.  Just like life.

Reading this book was like sinking into a warm bath.  I felt like I was home again.

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Una McCormack

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