Sunday, March 8, 2015

Transfer Point by Barry N. Malzberg and Bill Pronzini

April 2015

This was s cool story. 

Think what immigration and border control would be like in a situation like Star Trek, with many different alien species, flying back and forth to and from Earth. 

What I like best was how it gives an appreciation to current border protection services. Plus, there is also a mystery to solve. That part of the story suffered a bit from the confines of a short story.  Had this been a novella the authors would have had the space needed to flesh it out. The way it stands the resolution came a bit suddenly.

There is a certain ease and confidence in the work, you can feel it in the humour that is just below the surface.  In many ways it has a tone that reminded me of the movie Men in Black.  It is a bit irreverent without being overly so.

A joyful, entertaining work.

Here is something I've discovered from reading these short story magazines: some of the contributors have careers spanning decades and are so accomplished that I am shocked I've never heard of them before.  These guys have been collaborating since at least the early 70's and this is my fist look at them.  What an educational experience reading Analog can be.

Barry N. Malzberg

Bill Pronzini

Barry N Malzberg

Bill Pronzini

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