Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Report #20 of 26


Again, this was a knock out book by Lehane.  The second in the Kenzie & Gennaro series.

What I liked best about it was the expansion of the relationship between the two detectives but also the filling out of the South Boston environment with new characters and some that were introduced in the first novel.

I won't go into the details but Lehane did his magic again by bringing seemingly unrelated events together to form a rich and scary story.  Unfortunately he went with the crazy-serial-killer route, one that I just don't enjoy, just because I don't like crazy people.  Smart people are much, much more interesting.  Organized crime is much more interesting.  Cops are much more interesting.  Oh, well.

The city of Boston came to life in the story, I especially liked the bit about just how long the Mass. Ave. Bridge is.  (Measured in Smoots, by the way.)

Look it up here.

The next book in the series is Sacred.

Mass Ave Bridge

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