Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Report #9 of 26


Book 3 of the Netherworld trilogy.

Here it is - the dramatic conclusion!

The answer to Taste Imperative is revealed.  The stakes are much higher and the body count starts to accelerate.

Again and again the flaws in this series kept showing up; from some meaningless chases to some clunky sex scenes to just playing one cliche after another to string a story together.  I kept stopping and remembering other stories I'd read or movies I'd watched.  There were bits of Mad Max, Lord of the Rings, Blade Runner and just some goofy situations that just made the whole thing a mess for me.

I enjoyed the last sequence in the secret bunker but the whole thing ended in an eye-rolling steal from Blade Runner!

Did I enjoy the series?  Well, I like the concept of the books, merging the novel with the graphic novel but the story was so weak that, in the end, I kept thinking that I could have read something else.

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