Monday, March 8, 2010

Book Review - Thuglit Presents: Hardcore Hardboiled

First the book; I've been listing each individual story that I read from the fantastic Hardcore Hardboiled but I'll remove those stories from the list and simply add the book itself.

Some stories missed the mark but that only amounted to 3 of the 24.  One in particular stood out and I've since purchased the authors four novels directly from the publisher.  It was Rescuing Isaac by Frank Zafiro.  His novels are set in the same city as the story so it will be like going back to a familiar place when I read the novels.

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Jason Zipper Mazepa said...

Not a big Jeff Bridges fan at all, however I'll give that movie a try and see. He won actor of the year because of Politics....others gave much more performances in my opinion.