Monday, March 2, 2015

The Eighth Iteration by Bond Elam


Oh, my!

Now this is classic Science Fiction, providing a mind-blowing sense of wonder. 

This story had it all; the colonization of another planet, cloning, genetics, a strange alien environment, robots and a cool AI.  Best of all, it was all about the humans.  Very early on there is significant conflict between members of the colony.  The planet and the native life is strange, stranger still; the colonists have very limited memories about themselves and how they came to this planet.  Wherever they go they are followed by robots who observe them but do not communicate.

Slowly the mystery of how the colonists arrived is revealed.   I found the premise so interesting that I took every spare moment I could find to finish the story.  It just keeps getting more interesting with each page and comes to a very satisfying end.  The last paragraph made me say, "Oh, wow!"

I loved it.

A must read.  I'm sure it will make the readers choice awards for 2015. 

Analog Magazine:

Bond Elam has no web presence that I could find.  His entry on the Internet Speculative Fiction Database is here:

Bond Elam

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