Friday, March 20, 2015

Dancing in the Dark by Ramona Louise Wheeler

April 2015

The ship Roaring Candle is much like a whaling ship of old; in deep space looking for comets to bring back to the home world of Tarse. The comets are then carefully landed onto the surface where water and atmosphere are extracted in a process of terraforming that has been going on for 700 years.

The story opens with them finding the biggest one yet recorded. What follows is the discovery of a cluster of such comets. This would constitute the discovery of the Mother Lode. But there is a complication when a unique form of life is discovered there.  

These lifeforms are like nothing yet imagined; and they can herald a new epoch for the planet Tarse and the humans who live there.

A bold a beautiful story.  To call it Space Opera is to diminish the scope and hope of the story.


Ramona Louise Wheeler's website is here:

Ramona Louise Wheeler

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