Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Cold Solution by Don Sakers


I came to this story from an article by Mike Brotherton in the Lightspeed magazine July 2011 issue, which discusses the history and impact of the original Tom Godwin penned The Cold Equations.  In it he mentioned some other authors who took a stab at The Cold Equations inspired stories.

Unlike The Old Equations by Jake Kerr,  which was a re-imagining, this one is a retelling of the original. By changing the characters Sakers convincingly twists the original into a different outcome.  All the other details are the same. 

My particular edition was purchased as a Kindle ebook which included a short essay by the author that I found very interesting. 

Don Sakers website (which desperately needs to be refreshed) is here:

The story was originally published in the July 1991 issue of Analog magazine.
Analog, July 1991
Don Sakers

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