Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Cleaner by Frank Zafiro

This is the story that gives this collection it's title.

There's been a murder in a suburban home.  Gary Oster, the victims' husband, hired the cleaner.  The cleaner is a specialist - he cleans murder scenes.  Somebody has to.

There's some nice dark humor in the opening paragraphs like when the cleaner describes his neighborhood and gives it a name; Felony Flats.

While doing his job the cleaner finds the murder weapon the cops missed.  But he does not turn the knife in.

I kept wondering what the hell he was up to.  The moment you hang on to something like that you can be charged for obstruction of justice.

This was a tidy little story with just enough at the end to make you wonder if the character wouldn't do something stupid.

I really liked this one.

Frank Zafiro

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