Friday, August 10, 2012

Somadeva: A Sky River Sutra by Vandana Singh


First of all - not Science Fiction.

This is a story about stories; about meaning from folk tales. It is self-described as a tapestry, which was apt since it would go off in one direction, come back to the beginning only to fling itself into another direction.

There is a line that describes this story well:

"The fact that you can't wrest meaning from everything like fruit from trees - that meaning is a matter of not only of story but of what the listener brings to the tale - all that is not something she can face at the moment."

So, yea, it went on like that for many pages.

It also suffered from a trope of SF that I find annoying - the use of unpronounceable names. I find that very distracting.

You can judge for yourself by reading the story HERE at Strange Horizons.

The author's website is HERE

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