Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Report #16 of 26

Perish Twice: a Sunny Randal mystery


The second book in the series and the story telling was much better than the first.  Now that all the set-up is done we can proceed with just telling a good story.

I can't get passed the feeling that these stories are Spenser Light; there are so many similarities that I sometimes find that I just wish Spenser would knock on her door to lend a hand.  This story dealt with so many couples splitting up that I felt I was reading a romance novel.  Thank God there were a few bodies around to remind everyone that this was a mystery!

I gave these books a pass when Parker was living and I'm reading them now to honor the man but, I have to be honest, this was not Parker at his best.  Even in the Spenser books I never liked the parts where Spenser and Susan were sitting around talking about their feelings.  It's funny; everybody has conversations like that but, for some reason, I never felt like Parker handled them well.  I can't put my finger on it but these scenes never rang true for me.  With Perish Twice I had nearly a whole book of boo-hoo-ing!  Sometimes I forgot where we were in the investigation!

At this point my advice would be to pass on the first two books.

The next one in the series is called Shrink Rap.

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