Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Report #12 of 26


This was a fun book.

Down on her luck Stephanie Plum needs a job and starts working for her cousin Vinnie.  Vinnie is a bail bondsman and Plum has to learn to become a bounty hunter, fast.

This is quite a tonic after reading a Spenser novel.  Stephanie Plumb doesn't know the first thing about bounty hunting or about guns or about self defense.  She just want to pay the rent and she can make $10,000 if she can catch an ex-cop who is wanted for murder.

The book is very funny and is a wonderful way to spend some time with a book.  It turns the whole private eye thing on it's head by making it a fish-out-of-water story and it's very effective.  I felt sorry for Plumb because she made all kinds of mistakes that I would probably make if I were in her shoes.  (Although I'd have my gun out much more than she did.)

If you're looking for a story that feels like a movie by giving the genre a twist - this is a great start.  If you like it well, you're in luck, it's the first book in a series that has run to sixteen novels so far.

I'll be reading the second one very soon.

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